martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

(You make me feel like I am a) KIMONO♥PRINCESS

I've been invited to a summer festival
The music surrounds me on this special night
I find myself getting lost in the moment
Graciously dancing and you're in my sight

You're stepping along can't get my eyes off of you
Then I see you're looking back at me
Could this be what I think it is
Can feel my heart beat like a new butterfly

I know you've got to be the one
I could tell when our eyes met each other
I can't help my knees are feeling weak
As I feel myself falling fast

You've got the cutest little smile
We can tell there's attraction going on now
Stars are all aligning
One-by-one for our love
You are my Prince Charming
And you make me feel like I am a KIMONO♥PRINCESS

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